Unplugged Weddings: A Photographer’s Perspective on Embracing the Device-Free Trend

Hey there, lovebirds! As you dive into the wonderful world of wedding planning, you may have stumbled upon the trend making waves in the wedding industry: unplugged weddings. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of unplugged ceremonies on the couple, guests and their photography experience.

Picture this: you’re about to walk down the aisle, surrounded by your closest friends and family. But instead of being greeted by smiling faces, you’re met with a sea of smartphones and tablets, each guest vying for the perfect shot. Sound familiar? Enter the unplugged wedding trend, where couples opt for device-free ceremonies to encourage their guests to be fully present in the moment.

But what are the pros and cons of embracing the unplugged wedding trend? Let’s break it down:


– Uninterrupted Moments: With guests fully engaged in the ceremony, you’re free to exchange vows and share intimate moments without distraction.

– Enhanced Photography: By minimizing the presence of devices, your photographer can capture more candid and emotional shots, resulting in a more authentic representation of your day. It also deters any guests from stepping out into the aisle to get “the perfect shot” – which can also impact your wedding video!

– Guest Experience: Encouraging guests to unplug allows them to fully immerse themselves in the celebration and create lasting memories without the barrier of screens.


– Pushback from Guests: Some guests may feel uncomfortable or resistant to the idea of surrendering their devices, especially if they’re accustomed to capturing every moment.

– Missed Opportunities: While unplugging can enhance the ceremony experience, it may also mean fewer guest photos to cherish later on.

Navigating the Pain Points

As you consider whether to go unplugged for your wedding, it’s important to address any concerns you may encounter along the way.

– Clearly communicate your wishes for an unplugged ceremony to your guests well in advance, explaining the reasons behind your decision and emphasizing the importance of being fully present.

– Offer alternative ways for guests to participate in the celebration, such as setting up a designated photo-sharing platform where guests can upload their photos after the event.

– Lead by example and be fully present in the moment yourself. Your guests will follow suit when they see how much it means to you to have their undivided attention. If you’re worried about not having some behind the scenes media on your phone, delegate this to a bridesmaid, or hire a wedding day content creator!

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