Finding Your Perfect Photography Editing Style: A Guide for Newly Engaged Couples

A crucial aspect of choosing the right wedding photographer for you is understanding photography editing styles, which can greatly influence the overall look and feel of your wedding photos.

What Are Photography Editing Styles?

Editing styles in photography refer to the artistic choices a photographer makes to enhance and finalize images. These styles can vary widely, and understanding them can help you choose a photographer who aligns with your vision. Here are some popular editing styles to consider:

Dark and Moody

    • Description: Rich, dramatic tones with a focus on contrast and shadows. This style adds depth and emotion to your photos, creating a cinematic feel.
    • Ideal For: Couples who love a romantic, atmospheric look with a bit of edge.

    Light and Airy

      • Description: Bright, soft, and ethereal with high exposure and minimal contrast. This style emphasizes a dreamy, whimsical vibe.
      • Ideal For: Couples who prefer a light, cheerful, and fresh aesthetic.

      True to Color

        • Description: Natural and realistic, preserving the authentic colors and tones of your wedding day. This style aims for minimal alteration, focusing on capturing the day as it truly was.
        • Ideal For: Couples who value authenticity and want their photos to look as close to real life as possible.

        Sepia Golden Tones

        • Description: Warm, nostalgic hues that give photos a timeless, vintage feel. Sepia tones add a golden, old-world charm.
        • Ideal For: Couples looking for a classic, romantic touch with a hint of nostalgia.

        Muted Blue Tones

          • Description: Cool, subdued colors that create a calm and serene atmosphere. This style often emphasizes blues and grays for a more modern, understated look.
          • Ideal For: Couples who prefer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic with a touch of elegance.

          The photo below shows how editing can make the feel of the image different. These edits are exaggerated simply to show you how vastly different a single image can be presented.

          How to Identify Your Preferred Style

          1. Explore and Gather Inspiration

          • Spend time browsing wedding photography portfolios. Save images that resonate with you and note the common styles you are drawn to. Pinterest, Instagram, and photography blogs are excellent resources for finding inspiration.

          2. Analyze Your Preferences

          • Look at the images you’ve saved. Do you gravitate towards bright, airy photos or more dramatic, moody images? Consider the overall feeling you want your wedding photos to convey. This will help you narrow down your preferred editing style.

          3. Communicate with Potential Photographers

          • Once you have an idea of the styles you like, discuss them with potential photographers. Share your saved images and ask about their editing process. A photographer can explain how they achieve their look and if they feel their style aligns with your vision.

          4. Review Full Galleries

          • Ask photographers to show you full wedding galleries. This allows you to see how their editing style translates across different lighting conditions and settings throughout an entire wedding day. It’s crucial for ensuring consistency in your wedding album.

          5. Trust Your Instincts

          • Ultimately, choose a style that feels right for you and your partner, and reflects your personalities and vision for your wedding day. Your wedding photos should tell your unique love story in a way that resonates with you.

          Why Editing Style Matters

          Your wedding photos are a timeless keepsake of one of the most important days of your life. The editing style plays a significant role in how your photos will look and feel, impacting how you and others remember your special day. By understanding and selecting a style that aligns with your vision, you ensure that your wedding album is not just a collection of images but a true reflection of your love story.

          Ready to Discover Your Perfect Photography Style?

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